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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: In The Cards

    - Danny Cowan

  • Whitney Thorpe, Game Design Student at The University of Montevallo, Starting 5

    For this gaming challenge I wanted my existing video game to be NBA 2k19. First, I want to give you 3 simple details regarding NBA 2k19. There are 30 current teams, with a maximum of 17 players on each team with 5 starters for each team. Although basketball games are usually one team against the other, I want this card game to be a 2-4 player game. We will use 4 players as an example to explain this game concept.

    The goal of this game is to have 5 cards that consist of your assigned team and you win if you have the most amount of points. Each player is an NBA basketball team owner. There is no assigned team they are an owner of until the cards are dealt. Each owner will be dealt a card with an NBA team on it. For example, one owner gets the Lakers, the other owner gets the Rockets, and so on. Each team consists of 17 NBA players, therefore, there will be a roster card for each NBA player with their stats on it and their designated team. The points are based on the players "Player Rating" on NBA 2k19.

    There will be 3 total decks. One deck will consist of 4 ultimate cards. These will be the best NBA players on the different teams that the owners will decide on unanimously in the beginning of the game. Those players are based on their "Player Rating". The second deck are the shuffled roster cards that owners draw from to build their hand. The third deck is a money deck that consists of $10.00 and $5.00. Each time it is an owner's turn they will draw a roster card and roll the dice to determine how many dollars they can take. The dollars are used to buy different roster cards and or one of the ultimate cards. Of course, there will be a discard pile.

    Each owner is dealt 5 roster cards each. Owners can only have 5 roster cards in their hand. If an owner has the Lakers team, their hand must consist of Lakers players to win. They want the Laker roster cards with the highest "Player Rating". However, it is not necessary to have the higher "Player Rating" players to form your team, as long as they consist of Laker players.

    Owners should discard a roster card if they don't belong to their designated team. After they discard, they must draw a new roster card. Players can buy roster cards from the discard pile or an ultimate card if they have enough money. If a player's "Player Rating" is 89 it will cost a minimum of $89 to buy. Once an owner is happy with their starting 5 they say they have their team but they must wait for 1 or more other owners to form their team to go against them. The owners then put their cards down and the team with the highest added "Player Rating" players wins.


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