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  • Algonquin College

    -- Ottawa, Ontario 
  • 1385 Woodroffe Ave
    Ottawa, Ontario K2G1V8
  • 613.727.4723 (7563)
  • (613) 727-7707
  • [email protected]
  • Game Development ( 3 Years)
    For a position in Game Design

  • Campus:Yes         Online: No
  • In state: 0 Canadian Dollar (CAD) per Semester
    Out of state: 0 Canadian Dollar (CAD) per Semester
    Non-US National (Overseas Students): 0 Canadian Dollar (CAD) per Semester
  • This program prepares students for careers as game developers, a profession increasingly in demand by various industries including entertainment, education, government and consumer products. Strong emphasis is placed on developing the hands-on component which is offered through courses in game design and development, traditional and digital imaging, authoring, animation and programming. Students also complete individual and team-based projects. 

    Level: 01 Hours ENL1813M English I 48.0 GAM1500 History and Principles of Game Design 48.0 GAM1501 Math and Physics I 48.0 GAM1503 Life Drawing 48.0 GAM1504 Game Design I 96.0 GAM1506 Sound Design 48.0 GAM1530 Psychology and Group Dynamics 48.0

    Level: 02 Hours GAM1502 Math and Physics II 48.0 GAM1505 Computer Hardware, Networks and Oss 48.0 GAM1507 Digital Imaging 48.0 GAM1508 Character Drawing 48.0 GAM1509 Game Design II 96.0 GAM1510 Game Development I 48.0 GED3013 General Education Elective 48.0

    Level: 03 Hours ENL2013 English II: Storyboarding and Scriptwriting 48.0 GAM1511 Interface Design 48.0 GAM1512 Character Animation 48.0 GAM1513 Level Design 96.0 GAM1514 Game Design III 96.0 GED3013 General Education Elective 48.0

    Level: 04 Hours GAM1516 Java 96.0 GAM1517 Console Game Design 48.0 GAM1519 Game Development II 48.0 GAM1531 Directx 96.0 GAM1532 Game Design IV 48.0 GAM1533 Film Studies 48.0

    Level: 05 Hours GAM1520 Alternative Programming: Rich-Media Applications 48.0 GAM1521 Open Gl 96.0 GAM1522 Digital VIdeo 48.0 GAM1523 Digital Animation - 3D Studio Max/Maya I 96.0 GAM1524 Game Design V 96.0


    Level: 06 Hours ENL2014 English III: Business Communications 48.0 GAM1525 Alternative Programming: Lingo and Actionscript 48.0 GAM1526 Digital Animation-3D Studio Max/Maya II 48.0 GAM1527 Ethics 48.0 GAM1528 Multi-Player Network Gaming 96.0 GAM1529 Game Development III 96.0