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  • Center for Distance Education

    -- Sydney, Nova Scotia 
  • 222 George Street
    Suite C
    Sydney, Nova Scotia B1P 1J3
  • 866.567.3010 or 866.446.5898
  • 1.866.559.0131
  • [email protected]
  • 3D Game Artist (Certificate/Diploma, 52 Weeks)
    For a position in Art / Animation

    3D Animation (Certificate/Diploma, 52 Weeks)
    For a position in Art / Animation

    3D Advanced: Character Animation (Certificate/Diploma, 52 Weeks)
    For a position in Art / Animation

  • Campus: No         Online: Yes
  • In state: 0 US Dollars (USD) per Full Program
    Out of state: 0 US Dollars (USD) per Full Program
    Non-US National (Overseas Students): 0 US Dollars (USD) per Semester
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 1:1
  • Tutorial Imagery from the 3D Game Artist Program 

    Flexible, online training. Choose your discipline, choose your start date,choose your study times. Submit once per week and in only a year you can graduate from an industry-relevant diploma program.

    Our Career Guidance Program can help you prepare for landing your dream job at a gaming studio. Plus – you don’t even have to leave your home!

    Our portfolio-focused programs ensure that with work and dedication on your part, you’ll have a professional portfolio that can help you get hired.

    Our Main Campus is located in Nova Scotia, Canada.

    Our new Florida Campus is located in Tampa, Florida.

     Tutorial Imagery





    3D Game Artist Program

    Thisentry-level program focuses on the technical aspects required in the 3DGame Art industry, creating models based on provided concept artwork and modelsheets while adhering to the polygon & texture budgets established for the production.

    With the 3D Game Artist program, you’ll be provided with a Wacomgraphics tablet for artistic interaction with your computer. Your digital toolkitwill include Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk 3ds Max, ZBrush and Unreal TournamentIII. 

    Course Descriptions


    GAM 100 The Game Industry (25 hours)

    An introduction to the workings of the gaming industry togivethe student an idea of the different roles in the industry and how thisprogramwill prepare them for employment.

    GAM 102 Intro to 3ds Max (175 hours)

    An introduction to using the 3ds Max software in preparationforentering the more advanced modules ahead. The student will becomecomfortablewith the convoluted User Interface of the software through constantpractice atlow-level exercises.

    GAM 103 3D Modeling for Games (250 hours)

    A comprehensive undertaking of the game-specificmodelingtechniques used in a game studio. This module consists of modelingtheory and ahands-on proprietary tutorials lab designed to give the student thecorrectworkflow for game modeling, along with a final project allowing thestudent tocreate an original project.

    GAM 104 UV Mapping (150 hours)

    An introduction to UV Mapping. This module consists of UVMappingtheory and a hands-on proprietary tutorials lab designed to give thestudent thecorrect workflow for UV Mapping, along with a final projectallowing the studentto create an original project.

    GAM 105 3D Game Textures (200 hours)

    An introduction to the creation of 3D game textures usingAdobePhotoshop. This module consists of texturing theory and a hands-onproprietarytutorials lab designed to give the student the correct workflow forgametexturing, along with a final project allowing the student to create anoriginalproject

    GAM 106 ZBrush (225hours)

    A comprehensive introduction to working with ZBrush. Thismoduleis delivered via video tutorials on DVD, supplemented by a hands-onproprietarytutorials lab designed to give the student the correct workflow forhigh-polymodeling with ZBrush, along with a final project allowing the studentto createan original project.

    GAM 107 Normal Mapping& Texture Baking (150 hours)

    An introduction to creating Normal Maps for givinglow-polymodels the appearance of high-poly models. This module consists ofNormal Mapand Texture Bake theory and a hands-on proprietary tutorials labdesigned togive the student the correct workflow for game modeling, along witha finalproject allowing the student to create an original project.

    GAM 108 Technical Knowledge (75 hours)

    A comprehensive content theme which teaches thespecifictechnical details required in the gaming industry. This moduleincludespreviewing assets created earlier in the program – models, textures,etc. –within a 3D game engine.

    GAM109 Portfolio Development (50 hours) A step-by-steppresentation of guidelinesand real-world inspiration for creating a portfolio of work, geared towardsearning the student employment by showing a prospectiveclient or employer their talent and experience. 


     Tutorial Imagery from the 3D Game Artist Program



    Web Design (Certificate/Diploma, 52 Weeks)
    Graphic Design (Certificate/Diploma, 52 Weeks)
    PC Maintenance & Repair Technology (Certificate/Diploma, 52 Weeks)

    CD-ED's Digital Arts Technology Training Institute (DArTT) has aserious arts and technology focus. We foster creativity among our students while giving you all the tools you will need to excel in the digital arts and new media industries.

    DArTT can help you become a 3D game artist,graphic designer, 3D artist, web designer, character animator or computer technician.

    Whether you are new to computers or have been using them for years, we can help you achieve your digital arts goals.

    When you graduate from CD-ED's DArTT Institute, you will be highly skilled, adaptable, self-disciplined and able to embrace responsibility in your continued learning as well as in the workplace.

    Turn your creative dreams into a reality! With DArTT, you can:

    * Learn to model and animate CGI characters for movies and games;
    * Discover how to restore old photos, or combine photos to create somethingentirely new;
    * Engage in the cinematic art of storyboarding and visual storytelling;
    * Attain the knowledge to create beautiful, functional websites;
    * Become versed in digital painting to create exquisite fine art;
    * Acquire the skills to design and draw characters for TV or video games;
    * Learn how to design magazines, CD artwork, television graphics, scrapbookpages, and newsletters;
    * Master the techniques for modeling 3D objects and making them look realistic;and 
    * Channel your energy into building and repairing personal computers.

    The possibilities are virtually endless!

     More portfolio imagery available at