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  • Excerpt: Unity in Action [06.25.15]
  • img Joseph Hocking explains how to create convincing skyboxes using Unity in this excerpt from his newly released book Unity in Action.
  • Excerpt: Storyboarding Essentials [06.27.13]
  • img In this excerpt from Storyboarding Essentials, authors David Harland Rousseau and Benjamin Reid Phillips explain how storyboarding can provide visual clarity when plotting complex scenes.
  • Excerpt: Goals & Genres: What Are The Possibilities? [09.29.11]
  • img In this extract from Game Development Essentials: Third Edition, author Jeannie Novak outlines common game genres and goals, giving aspiring developers a better taste of how games fit into a number of established archetypes.
  • Book Review: Video Game Careers [06.10.08]
  • img Video Game Careers is a one-stop overview of different careers in the video game industry, from tester to retail sales clerk to lead game designer. editor Jill Duffy reviews the new edition of the book by David S.J. Hodgson, Bryan, Stratton, and Alice Rush.
  • Book Excerpt: Designing Character-Based Console Games [05.31.07]
  • img In Chapter 1, readers will learn about several aspects of the designer's role in making a game through the life cycle of a project: conception, turning ideas into reality, production, and the console submission process from Mark Davies, Lead Level Designer at Ninja Theory.