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  • NYU Game Center Incubator opens up to all devs

  • The NYU Game Center incubator has opened up applications to game developers who wish to participate in the program, which has fostered the development of notable indie titles including Rooftop Cop, Circa Infinity, and 2016 IGF student award winner Beglitched.

    The incubator aims to help developers who join polish up their nearly complete games and helps address the "marketing, legal, financial, and other business challenges of launching a successful commercial game." 

    The goal of the incubator is to push "innovative work" toward the market, through relationships with publishers, journalists, NYU Game Center faculty, and more.

    Those who are accepted to the incubator will receive a full-time wage for the program's duration -- June 6 to September 2 -- as long as they stay on track with their milestones. Developers of any type of video game (for any sort of device) are welcome to apply.

    Applications are being accepted online until April 24 at 10PM Eastern time, and awards will be selected by the incubator's advisory board. For more details on the process and what the program offers, visit its site.

    By Christian Nutt
    May 31, 2020 03:45:15 AM PST


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