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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Snow Business

    - Danny Cowan
  •  As another cold winter descends on the northern hemisphere, so does the season's constant companion: snow, and lots of it. This polar precipitation provides a beautiful blanket of white that's both gorgeous to look at and a pain to clear out of your driveway.

    While snowy landscapes have been popular settings for games, a select few titles revolve around using or engaging with snow itself. The 1990 platformer Snow Bros involves the titular characters creating snowballs to destroy enemies, while the C64 game The Snowman challenges players to build a snowman while avoiding anything that could melt their icy pal.

    For Game Career Guide's latest Game Design Challenge, our readers designed games with snow-themed mechanics. Here are our top picks!

    Best Entries

    Adair Tabb, Student at the University of Montevallo, S'no Bother! (see page 2)

    Ali Akbar Muliadi, Game Designer from Indonesia, Snowman Drill Tank (see page 3)

    Eddy Alain NJIKI.T, Game Design Student at ArtFX in Montpellier, France, Fear the Sun (see page 4)

    Michael Clemons, Indie Game Designer from Chicago, IL, Middle of Nowhere (see page 5)

    Isaiah Swinton, Student at Carver Center for the Arts, Frostheart (see page 6)


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