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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: In The Cards

    - Danny Cowan

  • Renan Yamao, Game Design Student at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná, Enter the Gungeon: The Card Game

    Players: 2 - 4




    The convict: Weapons = Budget Revolver and Sawed-Off; Starting items = Molotov and Enraging photo
    The hunter: Weapons = Rusty Sidearm and Crossbow; Starting items = Dog
    The marine: Weapons = Marine Sidearm; Starting items = Supply Drop and Military Training; Starts with 1 armor
    The pilot: Weapons = Rogue Special; Starting items = Trusty Lockpicks and Hidden Compartment

    Items: Can be weapons or items.
    Each weapon has a chance to hit, a damage and ammo.
    Items can be passive or active and each item has a different effect

    Ammo Crate: Refill the ammo of 1 weapon
    Key: Used to open chests
    Blank, Armor, Health


    Bullet kin - Hp:10 Hit Chance: 17(D20) Effect: None
    Shotgun kin - Hp: 25 Hit Chance: 13(D20) Effect: When killed has a chance to hit the players - 15(D20)
    Gattling gull - Hp: 50 Hit Chance: 13(D20) Effect: Every turn that the gattling gull takes damage it atacks one more time at the end of the turn, if it hits the players roll a d20 and if the number is lower than the gattling gull roll that player takes damage.


    Each player choses 1 character.
    Each character has at least 1 starting weapon and at least 1 starting item.
    Each player start with 3 health.
    The players have to cooperate with each other and survive 5 rounds.

    The players win if they survive all 5 rounds.

    Each round is composed of 2 small enemies and 1 boss.

    Every time one enemy is killed each player rolls a six sided dice and wins that amount of money.

    When a boss is killed x item cards are set into the table and each player can get 1 card, where x is equal to the number of players + 1.

    Between the 2nd enemy and the boss there's a shop round.

    On the shop round there'll be 3 item cards that any player can buy.

    At the start of a battle players can do 1 of 3 actions:
    - Roll: Higher chance to enemy miss.
    - Use a Blank, that will block all damage that would be dealt to all players this turn, Blanks are shared between all players.
    - Shoot a weapon.

    To kill an enemy each player rolls a die according to the weapon used to attack if they roll high enough they hit else they miss.

    After all players made their actions the enemy will attack and roll a die to see if they hit, if they do hit all players take damage. If the player rolled the enemy has -2 chance to hit that player.

    If a player's health go down to 0 that player is dead.

    If there's no one alive the players lose.

    There's no limit to how many weapons a player can have but he can only use 1 at a time.
    Some enemies can drop chests that can be opened with keys, when opened the player that opened the chest will get an item from the item deck. If the chests is not opened it must be discarded and cannot be opened later.


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