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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: In The Cards

    - Danny Cowan

  • Stève Simon, Game Design Student at ArtFX in Montpellier, France, Nier Automata: The Card Game

    Plot: The council of humanity server have important information that can help you to win this war, your mission get enough data to get the full access on the server.

    You can play in team match or free for all.

    The Player have to fight each other but when boss appear they can still attack other player or the boss.

    The objective is to get a certain amount of Data card by killing the boss or stealing the other player.

    Each player choose a character deck.

    Each character have their own specialisation.

    Character's deck


    • 2B: lot of weapon action

    • 9S: lot of hacking action

    • A2: little amount of reinforcement, Strong weapon action


    • Adamn: lot of hacking action

    • Eve: stealing oriented, little amount of reinforcement

    • Pascal: lot of reinforcement, no hacking card

    Type of card

    Data Card

    A player won the party when he get a certain amount of data card ( Amount choose a the beginning of the game).

    The data card can be won by killing a Boss Card or stealing a player who have one.

    Each data card can allow the player to use one more reinforcement.

    Reinforcement Card:

    By default you can use on your field only 3 reinforcement card

    For each reinforcement who are active in the field you can use one action card

    Reinforcement are active when they are in they original field ( Real or Virtual field )

    They have also affinity with specific field that allow the player to use a pod program effect  that can be use only one time in the party, the reinforcement who used a pod program will be inactive the next turn

    Field Card:

    Every player can use a field card once per turn, there is a little amount of field card in each deck so you must be careful when you choose to use one.

    The field card are no limited in time and be replace when a  player use an another field card.

    There is two type of field card

    1. Real world

    2. Virtual World

    Action card

    There is two type of action card

    1. Weapons: Have a specific effect depending of the card
      Example: destroy or turn inactive a enemy reinforcement, Pick a boss Card

    2. Hacking: Have a specific effect depending of the card
      Example: Steal a reinforcement, Steal data Card

    If you use a action card on a player who have no reinforcement you steal one data card from him if he have one.

    Boss Card

    Each turn a boss card will be pick he can be empty or boss appear.

    (Some action card can allow the player to pick a boss card)

    A boss card have multiple condition to be killed, the player who use the last action to kill the boss get a Data card.


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