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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: In The Cards

    - Danny Cowan

  • NJIKI.T Eddy Alain, Game Design Student at ArtFX in Montpellier, France, Inazuma Eleven: The Card Game

    "Inazuma Eleven: the card Game" is a physical card game inspired by the  role-playing sports video game franchise created by Level-5 , Inazuma eleven.

    The different types of cards:

    both players have 11 player cards and 6 action cards.

    Player cards:

    Each representing a member of their football teams.

    team members have different characteristics as in video games, except here; they are directly displayed on the cards.

    the different characteristics of the cards are:

    -The name of the football player

    -The element of the football game (Wind, Earth, Fire, wood)

    -The position of the football player (Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, Forward)

    -The special moves of the players (that depend on their positions)

    -The power of the special move

    -The delay of recovery of the special move (in turn)

    Action cards:

    Each representing an action you can do during the confrontation phase as in video games.

    The different action cards are:







    How to play:

    Place the player cards on the field face up and keep the action cards in your hands.

    Before starting the game, play rock-paper-scissors or flip a coin; The winner starts with the ball.

    One turn is divided into four phases:

    The first phase(initialization)

    The one who does not have the ball chooses the player card that comes into confrontation with the player card equipped with the ball.

    The second phase(The confrontation)

    The two players choose a card from the available Action cards, then place the chosen card face down and then return them at the same time.

    The shoot card and the catch card cannot be used only when a Forward has the ball. Only the forward can shoot

    The last phase(The resolution)

    the resolution is as follows:   

    Special move>Block>dribble>intercept>pass>block

    If the two players use the special move of the player card, the resolution is about the elements of the cards.

    If the two player cards have the same elements, the defender always wins.

    The winner is the player who scores a goal.


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