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  • Modeling A Formula 1 Car In 3D [08.29.19]
  • img Aditya Rajani walks artists through the process of modeling, texturing, and rendering a Formula 1 car in 3D, offering insight into how to avoid common mistakes.
  • Common Mistakes When Asking For Feedback [08.27.19]
  • img Iuliana Urechi highlights eight common mistakes developers make when asking for feedback, and explains how you can elicit constructive criticism and advice.
  • Creating Music For Video Games: The Plan [08.22.19]
  • img Ricardo Cuello outlines the basics of composing music for video games, focusing specifically on elements that establish form, character, and purpose.
  • Designing For Short And Long Term Fun [08.20.19]
  • img James Kay shares the design techniques he used to ensure a fun experience for new players and hardcore fans alike over the course of Piczle Cross Adventure's campaign.
  • The Big Game Branding 101 [08.13.19]
  • img Jamin Smith presents a guide to branding your game, from establishing a direction and focus to building a style guide that ensures a consistent vision.